Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture is the science of looking at a building or a set of documents to determine what went wrong after the fact. Often the symptoms of the problem can be subtle and require a depth of knowledge and experience not just of architecture but of how all of the building systems, structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural interact. Defects or problems are often hidden within the structure of the building and will have to be carefully exposed to reveal the actual condition. The Architect must also be able to prepare a clear report on the problem and, if necessary, testify coherently and professionally in a deposition or courtroom. With his 40 years of experience, Peter Lattey can do all of that.

In one of his cases, he was called to observe and document the repairs to a 4 storey, wood framed condominium which had serious water damage. As the stucco was removed, he could understand where the intrusion problems arose and why. His clear, concise report enabled the parties to arrive at a negotiated settlement without litigation.