Architectural Consulting

As a California licensed architect, Peter Lattey provides a wide range of Architectural services. His special expertise is in the technical aspects of architecture and the construction phase of projects. Read More »

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony in the fields of building design and construction and on quality review of construction documents. We present the facts and information in a clear, respectful, professional, honest manner and then allow the facts to speak for themselves. Read More »

Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture is the science of looking at a building or a set of documents to determine what went wrong after the fact. Often the symptoms of the problem can be subtle and require a depth of knowledge and experience not just of architecture... Read More »

Litigation Analysis

At the start of a case it is useful to do a preliminary analysis of the facts that are known and determine which directions could be promising and which are unlikely to bear fruit. Read More »

Construction Document Review

Building construction contracting is unique in that the contract documents consist of the contract, the drawings and the specifications. Even on a small project the drawings can consist of a hundred sheets and the specifications of several hundred pages. Read More »

Litigation Prevention

All of our clients want to avoid litigation whenever they can. We have found that one of the ways to avoid litigation is to provide a clear, concise statement of the facts early in the investigation. If the facts can be agreed on then it is usually possible to arrive at a settlement without litigation. Read More »

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